New engine in Julle

bohusjulle (snipa?) from Sweden, built 1960

bohusjulle (snipa?) from Sweden, built 1960

I’ve been informed that my Snipa is not a true snipa, which refers to a strictly double ended boat. It is a bohusjulle, or simply julle. This I was told by a very helpful boatbuilder in Sweden. Thank you. I’ll change the boat’s name to Julle.

Anyway, the single cylinder Arona diesel was under quite a load pushing this 20′, 2700 lb. boat thru the water. I’m switching to a 2 cylinder Westerbeke, upping the power from 7 to 13 hp.

heavier engine moved 13" forward from old engine, longer shaft required

heavier engine moved 13″ forward from old engine, longer shaft required

The old floor timbers were weak. I installed 3 new ones.

floors and angle iron bed

floors and angle iron bed

The bed is made from 2 x 3 ” angle iron. It is stepped, the aft mounts being higher than the forward ones. It gets lagged to the floors, and the engine gets bolted to it. If I used oak for the engine bed, it would have to be notched down quite deep into the floors, thus weakening them.

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Check in periodically to see what’s happening in the shop. You can find out what goes on during these cold snowy months in Maine. Winter


In the shop we’ve been doing considerable varnishing on this classic 42′ McGruer sailboat. It was built in Scotland in the 1960s. Another job was re-bedding the cabin portlites. They were leaky.


The woman who owns the boat lives in Alaska and comes to Maine every second┬ásummer. Besides this boat she also has a restored vintage Airstream trailer. This coming ┬ásummer she’s scheduled to be here, so we’re getting the boat ready.